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Michelle and Jeremy Walker, Homeowners

Special Thanks to the following sponsors who went above and 

beyond by donating paid labor to complete portions of the build.


•  AK1 Construction

•  Hanson Roofing 

2016 Build  –  2609 Wildwood, Kenai

The 2016 Build is now complete, making this the 21st home built 

by Central Peninsula Habitat volunteers and Partner Families!!

Meet the Walker family: Michelle, Jeremy, Alyssa (10), Deja (14), Andreah (16), and Darrien (19 living independently). The Walkers are first-time home owners and Habitat for Humanity's partner family for the 2016 build. Michelle is the Director of the Sterling Senior Center where her husband, Jeremy, also works.

The Walker family is extremely excited to be moving into their new home March 1, 2017. 

               "It's been a rollercoaster ride. It just seems too good

                to be true. I think, pinch me, when am I going to wake

                up? This has just been a dream for so long... and to go

                from a dream to reality in just a short amount of time,

                it's pretty insane. A lot of things we have talked about

                and wanted for our future is now happening...

                we now have a real home."

                                                                         - Michelle Walker

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