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A Letter from the Executive Director


Dear Applicant,


Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, organization based on and supported by volunteer labor and

donations. Habitat builds simple, decent houses with the help of homeowner (partner) families.

Once finished, the homes to the partner families at no profit, financed with affordable, no-interest

loans. The Central Peninsula Habitat for Humanity is an affiliate, working under the umbrella of

Habitat for Humanity, International.

The first step in the application process is to be sure you meet the minimum qualifications. Please

read the following to see if your family is ready to complete the enclosed application.


          1. Must have a housing need. For example: no indoor plumbing, poor heating, leaking roof,

              overcrowding (three to a bedroom), and/or unsafe or unsanitary conditions.


          2. Need to have lived in our service area for at least one full year.


          3. Must have a minimum steady income of $1,250.00 per month ($15,000.00 per year).


          4. Must work 500 sweat equity hours. These hours can be any combination of construction hours,

              Habitat office help, or assisting at Habitat events.


          5. Must be willing to join in programs to learn and practice budgeting, home repair and


If you are approved for a Habitat home and you meet the required sweat equity, down payment

and nurturing requirements, we will sell you a house at cost. Habitat house payments are

approximately $500.00 a month. This includes property taxes and homeowners insurance.

Payments will be due between the first and 10th of each month.

During the application and interview process members of the Family Selection Team will verify

employment along with any other income, verify checking and savings accounts, get a statement

from your current and previous landlords, and have a credit check done.

There will be a $1000.00 down payment. $100.00 of this is due up front and the remaining

$900.00 is due at time of closing.

All information is considered confidential and will be used only for the family selection process.

Habitat for Humanity will not discriminate against an applicant due to sex, race, age, marital

status, or creed.

Habitat staff is happy to help you fill out the application. If you have any questions please call

our office at (907)-283-7797. If we are unable to answer, please leave your name and phone

number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Carri Rossini

Executive Director

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